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BTPowerhouse 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Group

Join the BTPowerhouse staff in our annual March Madnes challenge!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday evening, the 2016 NCAA Tournament field will be selected by the committee and the bracket madness will officially begin. There will be the late night hours of debating whether Kansas has the guards to go the distance or whether this is the year Michigan State makes it back to the Final Four.

However, the best part is at the end of the month when you can reign supreme over everyone else in your bracket pool and now you can get the chance to do that to BTPowerhouse's staff.

So how do you get involved?

Well, there are a few easy steps. BTPowerhouse will be using Yahoo's bracket contest. Yahoo! hosts one of the best bracket pools and websites on the market, which should make it really easy to use and follow. BTPowerhouse will be using the traditional rules.

Anyway, here are the steps to join.

Steps to Join BTPowerhouse's Bracket Contest:

1. Go to the Yahoo! BTPowerhouse Page: Link here.

yahoo 1 btt 2016

2. Click Join Pool.

yahoo 2 btt 2016

3. Sign In.

yahoo 3 btt 2016

4. Make Your Picks!

So make sure to join our bracket and see if you can beat the BTPowehouse staff!