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(Almost) Nothing is Worse than Missing Big Games

When your favorite Big Ten team is playing a great opponent and you can't watch, it is pure agony. Could anything be worse?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

For the past two years I have spent money on a one month subscription to BTN2Go. I love watching my alma mater's basketball team so much that I will pay extra to see them play teams like Samford and Incarnate Word. So, as you can imagine, when circumstances cause me to miss games, I can't help but be exasperated, even if the game I'm missing is largely inconsequential.

I am currently in grad school, and the classes in my program meet almost exclusively at night. That means that I will be unable to see any of tonight's game between Purdue and Michigan State. This is not just a conference game that I'm missing, it is a match-up of two great teams with a myriad of storylines. My Boilers could really use a win to get the sour taste of the Maryland game out of their mouth and help kickstart a strong finish to their season. The Spartans are looking for another signature win to keep them in the conversation for a 1 or 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Oh, and don't forget Caleb Swanigan playing the team he spurned for the first time.

As I sat at home finishing my homework for class I wondered, what could be worse than missing this game?

So I came up with a list:

  • Falling down a flight of stairs on the way to class
  • Missing the IU-Purdue game, rivalries are always the most important for a fan
  • Probably most illnesses, cause, you know, being sick sucks
  • Guarding A.J. Hammons one-on-one in the post
  • Breaking a laptop by dropping a bottle of mustard on it (Yes, I did this once)
  • Airballing a lay-up on national TV
  • Being trapped in the phantom zone from Superman 2
  • Calling timeout when you don't have any left during the National Championship game
  • Getting struck by lightning
  • Having to play in The American despite having 4 National Championships (sorry UConn)
  • What they did to the Deadpool character in the first Wolverine movie
  • Jury duty
  • Getting poked in the eye by Adam Woodbury
  • And, in the interest of fairness, getting inadvertently elbowed in the face by Isaac Haas