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Purdue versus Indiana: Everything Else

We all know this year's basketball bragging rights are on the line tonight in Bloomington, but who has the bragging rights for things like bars, alumni, and more? I give my opinions.

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The rivalry between Purdue and Indiana is one of the best collegiate rivalries in the country. We all know about how fierce it is on the court and in other sports. However, it goes much further than that, I've seen and been a part of many long discussions about who has better everything, including commercials and uniforms. So, I will now present to my view on as many of these arguments as possible, while keeping my bias out of it.

Best Campus: Indiana (although I prefer Purdue's)

Indiana gets enough points for beauty and style to get the win here, but I always found it to be way more difficult to get around than Purdue's campus. I feel like my experience as a student at Purdue versus being a local at Indiana probably clouds my judgement, so I gave IU the edge here based on what I've heard from others.

Best Basketball Arena: Tie

Even saying this is a tie is going to tick off some IU fans, but hear me out. There isn't a bad seat in Mackey, even the top row can see everything perfectly. Even though Assembly Hall is an impressive monument to the sport, there are definitely some bad seats and they are more difficult to get to than in Mackey.

Best Uniforms: Purdue

Two things kill IU on this one. First, butt stars, which can be blamed on Adidas, yet still it just seems like the weirdest way of saying "look at all of our championship banners". Secondly, I hate the candy stripe pants. I get that it is a tradition, but it is a very ugly tradition. I do like the script Indiana on the warm-up tops though.

Best Bars and Restaurants: Indiana

I love the Triple XXX and Harry's at Purdue, and Nine Irish Brothers feels like home every time I go. However, IU might just have the best bars and restaurants of any college. It'd take me a whole article to list all of the great places on Kirkwood and 4th Street alone.

Best Commercials: Purdue

Mark Cuban and Sage Steele are cool alumni to have, but watching actors reenact their lives at Indiana makes for a bad commercial, and they don't even show Cuban playing rugby.

Best Alumni: Purdue

I'm going to be that Purdue fan for a second and just say we own the moon. Also, John Wooden and Orville Redenbacher.

Best Recent Alumni: Indiana

Mark Cuban is probably the most famous person I've ever met. Sage Steele and Dan Dakich at ESPN are pretty popular right now.

So it looks like a tie, but wait there is one more category...

Creepiest Mascot: Purdue Pete

And we're mighty proud of it!

That's it! Purdue takes the edge, that was a close one.

Wait, is that a negative category? Does that mean Indiana takes the edge? You can decide for yourself.