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Nebraska Cornhuskers: A Few Takeaways From The Game Against Iowa

The Nebraska Cornhuskers could not get their first Big Ten win of the season and they certainly have not looked great recently. Here are a few takeaways from their most recent contest against the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are 0-3 so far in Big Ten play after their most recent loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes on the road. The Cornhuskers were not supposed to win any of their first three Big Ten games, but did not show any signs of potential in these games as they lost each game pretty convincingly. The Cornhuskers are one of the worst teams in the Big Ten right now and it is pretty clear to see that now, especially considering the fact that they cannot stop anyone on the defensive end or step up in any big games. Below are a few takeaways from the game against Iowa, which basically sums up Nebraska's season in a nutshell.

Nebraska Cannot Stop Anyone

In Nebraska's first three Big Ten games they have let up an average of 79 points per game. Yes, Nebraska has played three pretty strong teams, but they have struggled on defense all season. Against Iowa the Cornhuskers had no clue on how to stop Jarrod Uthoff, who put up 25 points while Mike Gesell added an additional 22 for Iowa as well. They could not stop either player, which makes it hard for the Cornhuskers to win games. They need to start stopping teams so they can use that momentum on the other end of the floor.

Frontcourt Struggles

There are not many teams in the Big Ten that have a weaker frontcourt than the Cornhuskers. In their most recent game against Iowa, Michael Jacobson had two points, Ed Morrow Jr. had three points, and Jake Hammond had zero. Those are the three main frontcourt players on team along with Jack McVeigh, who plays a little in the frontcourt. This has been one of the biggest problems for the Cornhuskers this year because they cannot seem to find any consistent frontcourt production.

The frontcourt obviously struggled mightily against the Hawkeyes and Iowa's frontcourt is not very dominant, which just shows how weak Nebraska's frontcourt is.

Ability To Win Big Games

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are currently 8-8 and they do not have one win on their resume that will turn any heads. They have had opportunities to make a statement, but they have failed every time. The harsh truth is that Nebraska might not get one statement win all season. It might finally be time to officially realize that the Cornhuskers are not very good at all and that they might end up with an overall losing record once again in 2015-16.


This game for Nebraska against Iowa should show Nebraska fans and Big Ten fans that Nebraska is certainly not ready to compete with any decent Big Ten team. It is early in conference play, but they have laid an egg in every Big Ten contest so far. The team does not have enough consistent offensive production from their players and they cannot stop anyone on the defensive end.

Their next game is against arguably the worst team in the Big Ten in the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. The Cornhuskers need this win to gain some confidence for the rest of Big Ten play. Nebraska cannot afford a loss to Rutgers; that would truly be a season defining loss for coach Tim Miles and company.