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Week 12: BTPowerhouse Big Ten Game of the Week: Iowa Hawkeyes at Maryland Terrapins

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BTPowerhouse looks at the best games of the upcoming week in the Big Ten.

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We've reached one of the most important weeks of conference play this season. Many of the conference's top teams will be going on the road and some of the top teams face off. By the end of the week, we're going to have a great idea on how the conference will shake out.

With that, let's take a look at the top games of the week.

Game Of The Week:

- Iowa Hawkeyes at Maryland Terrapins:

This is undeniably the Game of the Week. The conference's top team is going on the road and will have to test itself against the conference's preseason title pick. Add in that Maryland desperately needs a marquee win and this one looks like a thriller.

For Iowa, this is a chance to once again assert itself as the Big Ten frontrunner and get itself in position to enter the NCAA Tournament as a No. 1 seed. According to KenPom, this is the last game of the regular season where the Hawkeyes will be an underdog. Iowa has a front loaded Big Ten schedule and if it can make it through Maryland, it's hard to see anybody catching the Hawkeyes for the conference crown.

On the other side, the Terps need this one and need it badly. Maryland has played well and put together a stellar record this season. Nonetheless, the Terps still don't have a marquee win and are looking at two tricky road games next on the schedule. Realistically, it's hard to imagine Maryland being a true Big Ten title contender without beating Iowa on Thursday night.

The key matchup to watch will be between Robert Carter and Jarrod Uthoff. Both players have been fantastic this season and Uthoff has been unbelievable in his last few games. If Maryland is going to come out on top, slowing down Uthoff has to be part of the plan.

Honorable Mention:

- Indiana Hoosiers at Wisconsin Badgers:

Quietly, this is one of the most intriguing games of the Big Ten season yet. Indiana is still unbeaten in conference play and will put that on the line on Tuesday night against Wisconsin. A few weeks ago, Indiana grabbed a road win over Nebraska, but it still hasn't shown much on the road this year. If the Hoosiers are going to be a serious Big Ten contender, this is a game the team probably needs to win.

The matchup to watch in this game will be Ethan Happ against Indiana's frontcourt. It will be interesting to see whether Thomas Bryant or Troy Williams is primarily on Happ, but it does seems like the matchup that will determine the outcome in this one. Happ has been excellent the last few weeks and will look for another huge performance at home.

- Maryland Terrapins at Ohio State Buckeyes:

The Buckeyes are at a crossroads and with a big week ahead, the team needs to find a way to come out with some wins. On Sunday, Ohio State will gets its best shot at a marquee win in weeks with Maryland at home. For the Terps, this could also be a trap game given that Maryland faces Iowa on Thursday night. A lot could happen between the game on Sunday, but it looks like a big game for both teams.

It's hard not to be intrigued with the matchup in the backcourt in this game. Both AJ Harris and JaQuan Lyle will need to have big games given the talent that Maryland brings to the table. If Ohio State comes out on top, it's hard not to think the Buckeyes will need to limit Rasheed Sulaimon and Melo Trimble.

Season Stats:

- Game of the Week Appearances By Team:
  • Iowa - 2
  • Maryland - 2
  • Michigan State - 2
  • Michigan - 1
  • Purdue - 1
- Game of the Week Honorable Mention Appearances By Team:
  • Maryland - 4
  • Ohio State - 3
  • Northwestern - 2
  • Indiana - 2
  • Wisconsin - 2
  • Iowa - 1
  • Michigan - 1
  • Purdue - 1
- Total Appearances By Team:
  • Maryland - 6
  • Iowa - 3
  • Ohio State - 3
  • Michigan - 2
  • Michigan State - 2
  • Northwestern - 2
  • Purdue - 2
  • Indiana - 2
  • Wisconsin - 2