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The Nebraska Cornhuskers Finally Get Their Statement Win

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have been searching all season for a statement win, and the team finally got a big win over the Michigan State Spartans.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Not many people around the country were very impressed with the Nebraska Cornhuskers heading into Big Ten play, but the team has looked much better as of late. Their last game was against the nationally ranked Michigan State Spartans, and Nebraska was a certainly an underdog for this matchup, especially since it was on the road, but the Cornhuskers came to play.

Nebraska won this game and the Cornhuskers were flat out the better team on Wednesday night.

Senior leader Shavon Shields led the Huskers with 28 points, and freshmen Glynn Watson Jr. had 13 points. Andrew White III has been the other star player for Nebraska, but he only added seven points, and the Huskers still found a way to win. A huge key to the Huskers' success was that they only turned the ball over six times in the game, which is very impressive. The Huskers even found a way to beat the Spartans with the team at full strength, which is why this win is so big for the Huskers.

The Huskers are now 12-8 on the season, and they are 4-3 in the Big Ten, which is seventh in the league. Nebraska is currently on a four game win streak and their next game is at home against the Michigan Wolverines. About two weeks ago, Nebraska was looked at as one of the worst teams in the Big Ten, but now they are a middle of the road Big Ten team. Now, that they have gotten their statement win, is there any chance that Nebraska can make the NCAA tournament?

With Nebraska Anything Might Be Possible

The crazy and awesome thing about the Big Ten is that almost any team in the Big Ten can knock anyone off on any given night. The Huskers are going to have plenty of opportunities to try and prove themselves for the rest of the Big Ten season. The Huskers are going to need to beat probably at least three or more impressive teams if they want to have a shot of making the NCAA tournament. They will obviously have to beat every team that is weaker then them as well; the Huskers cannot afford anymore bad losses on the season.

The next opportunity for the Huskers to make another statement will come on Saturday against Michigan. If the Huskers get this win over the Wolverines in their next game, many teams around the Big Ten will notice. White cannot put up seven points again if the team wants beat Michigan, he needs to have a big game along with Shields. This game will be at home, which is certainly going to help Nebraska's chances.

Nebraska can afford to lose this game because Michigan is a good team, but this would be another great win for the Huskers resume.