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The Nebraska Cornhuskers Are Still Stuck In Neutral

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have not made the leap yet this season and that should not be that big of a surprise.

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers are currently 8-6 and they started Big Ten play with a loss at home to the Northwestern Wildcats. This was a perfect opportunity for the Cornhuskers to show that they can still turn it around after a little bit of a rocky start. They did play the Wildcats tough, but they could not stop the Wildcats on offense. Nebraska's offense played actually pretty well and the team has played pretty well on that end of the floor this season, but they struggle stopping teams. The Huskers can not seem to show any signs of improvement when the opportunity is given. In every big game this season they have lost and even when it seems like the team has finally found their rhythm, they disappoint in their next contest.

It might be time to acknowledge that the Cornhuskers might be one of the worst teams in the Big Ten. There was some optimism at the beginning of the season because of their recruiting efforts in the offseason and because of transfer Andrew White III. Now, White has been spectacular this season and has proven to be one of the best players on the team and in the Big Ten. Their big time recruits in Glynn Watson Jr. and Ed Morrow Jr. have been decent, but they have not been great. Both players knew coming in that they would be asked to contribute right away and Nebraska cannot ask much more out of these two players as freshmen.

Nebraska is flat out not a very good basketball team right now and the season could take a turn for the worst quickly now that conference play has started.

A Look Ahead

Nebraska's next two games are against opponents that they are certainly going to have their hands full with. They are playing the Indiana Hoosiers on Jan. 2  and the Iowa Hawkeyes on Jan. 5. Both of these games are going to be very tough for the Cornhuskers seeing that the Hawkeyes are undefeated at home and coming off a win against the MichiganState Spartans and the Hoosiers have a very dominant frontcourt, which the Cornhuskers do not have.

The Cornhuskers cannot afford to lose both if these games if they want to to prove to themselves and the rest of the conference that they can win big games. Nebraska matches up better with Iowa because they are not going to overpower the Cornhuskers, while the Hoosiers might.

Either way, the Cornhuskers need to win one of these games so they do not start Big Ten play 0-3.


The Cornhuskers have not had an ideal start to their season and they are looking like one of the worst teams in the Big Ten right now. Hopefully coach Tim Miles can still get his players to play at an extremely high level even though they are not playing very well right now. The teams future is not looking too bright right now, which is why they have to go into every game like its the biggest game of their season.

Maybe this Big Ten hype video will get the team rolling