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Observations from Week 3 of the Big Ten: Put Your Three Goggles On


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Falzon has one of the most weird/pretty three point jumpers I've ever seen.

Thanksgiving isn't just a one day holiday for Aaron Falzon because the dude is straight feasting on easy spot up opportunities right now. Before I dive more into this, shout out to Bryant McIntosh, because with his focus on maneuvering his way into the center of opposing defenses like a damn Rebellion Fighter Pilot (yes, I just compared McIntosh to Luke Skywalker... what a time to be alive), he's allowing his teammates around him to go to work. This includes Falzon, who has gotten some juicy shots both in transition and while sliding up and down the weak side arch as a release valve on drive and kicks:

The former four star recruit out of Massachusetts, has 40 made three pointers on the season (38.5% from long distance) and through Tuesday's match up with Wisconsin, McIntosh has assisted on 21 total. Their two man game is starting to bud, with the freshman moving up and down the weakside arch for tasty drive and kick opportunities.

It's been impressive to watch.

While the form is somewhere in between Northwestern legend Jon Shurna's and Sandy Lyle from Along Came Polly with a little Tracy McGrady leg kick for good taste, its kind of mesmerizing. I know Chris Collins will dispute the importance of the three ball for his team, but getting Falzon to hit at a little bit of a higher clip is going to be paramount for the future successes of this program.

Just look at the games he's strung together thus far:

20 points (4-6 from three) against UMass-Lowell

13 points (3-7 from three) against Fairfield

17 points (5-10 from three) against SIU Edwardsville

20 points (6-9 from three) against Minnesota

Level of competition, blah blah. Falzon is a pure shooter and the Wildcats are clearly putting him in positions to be successful. They know that his ability to knock down outside shots keeps the rest of their offense in balance for Tre Demps and McIntosh.

Speaking of great three point shooting, Duncan Robinson is the coolest real life Human Torch we've seen (sorry MBJ).

Duncan Robinson was the truth in the first half the other night against Maryland. THE TRUTH. He made five total threes on the night, four of which came during an integral thirteen minute span in the first half where he and Zak Irvin traded blows with Jake Layman and Robert Carter.

But what was so impressive was how many different kinds of shots Robinson was able to connect on.

The drive and kick:

The ball fake, side step:

The beautiful two man game on the weak side:

In transition:

And from Steph Curry territory:

I haven't been this excited about a Michigan shooting performance since Spike Albrecht made the National Championship game his stage for trying to land Kate Upton. Like Dickie V said on the broadcast, every time Duncan shoots it's like "a layup".  That's how easy he made it look; the shot is just so pure.

As far as the all encompassing picture, Robinson is an integral part (if not the most important) of what could be the best three point shooting team in school history.

Keep your three goggles on Wolverine faithful.

Maryland has a point guard problem when Melo Trimble isn't engaged or finds himself in foul trouble.

Rasheed Sulaimon is NOT a point guard. He just isn't. He lacks the ball handling, creativeness and leadership to run the Terps offense for long periods of time. I'm not doubting his ability to score at the flip of a switch. Nor am I taking away his defensive capabilities. But when Trimble has a game like he did against Michigan -- where a couple of early fouls and Michigan's defense seemingly took the sophomore out of his game -- there needs to be another avenue.

Suliamon just isn't it. He's an off-ball guard that does his damage by cutting to the rack and applying consistent pressure to the backside of the defense.

Dion Wiley's meniscus injury was unfortunate, as he was the next man in off the bench for Turgeon, and the JUCO transfer Jaylen Brantley --who has been asked to play both guard positions -- hasn't earned the coaching staffs trust as of yet (playing a hodgepodge of minutes here and there).

But it's Brantley that needs to be the guy. By all accounts, the sophomore has the unique ability to both shoot and run the point effectively, so the sooner he can enter the rotation on a consistent basis, the better the continuity for the other four positions; which should, in theory, allow Suliamon to play his game without having to press and give Trimble much needed breaks.

Tom Izzo calling Fran McCaffery "Franny" makes me laugh so hard.

Never, ever change Izzo: