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'BTPowerhouse 25': The Players That Just Missed The Cut

BTPowerhouse's staff counts down the best players in the Big Ten heading into the 2015-16 season.

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In the months leading up to the 2015-16 college basketball season, BTPowerhouse will be releasing a new series called the 'BTPowerhouse 25,' which features the Top 25 players in the Big Ten as voted by members of the staff. All players set to be on Big Ten rosters for next season were eligible during the staff vote with their top selection receiving 25 points and their 25th and final selection receiving 1 point.

Today's edition will take a brief look at the six players that just missed the cut for the Top 25 players list. These players come from a variety of teams and are expected to make major contributions this season.

'BTP 25' Just Missed List:

- Robert Carter, Jr. (Maryland)

  • Eligibility: Redshirt Junior
  • Career Totals: 54 games, 1433 minutes, 569 points, 401 rebounds, 56 assists
  • 2013-14* Averages: 26.8 min, 11.4 pts, 8.4 rebs, 1.0 asts, 1.1 blks, 0.7 stls
  • Positional Role: Power Forward
Carter occupies a unique role on this list as he has some proven stats as a college player, but has none coming from his time with the Terps as he was forced to sit out due to NCAA transfer rules. Nonetheless, Carter expects to occupy a major role on what appears to be one of the nation's most talented rosters. The Terps are looking to make a serious run at the Big Ten title and Carter should give Maryland additional options in a talented, but inexperienced frontcourt and allow forward Jake Layman to move back down to small forward next season.

- Deyonta Davis (Michigan State)

  • Eligibility: Freshman
  • Career Totals: N/A
  • 2014-15 Averages: N/A
  • Positional Role: Power Forward
The Spartans lost several key players in the offseason in the form of Branden Dawson and Travis Trice, but with the entrance of Deyonta Davis, they have the chance to add an extremely talented piece to their lineup for next season. Davis is rated as a 4-star prospect by ESPN and figures to be the likely replacement for Dawson upfront. It is tough to imagine Davis being the same defensive star as Dawson in his first season, but if he can add the offensive boost many expect and hold up on the boards, he could be a dynamic matchup problem for many players in the frontcourt, especially if he can hit some jumpshots here and there.

- Tre Demps (Northwestern)

  • Eligibility: Redshirt Senior
  • Career Totals: 100 games, 2,682 minutes, 1,017 points, 239 rebounds, 188 assists
  • 2014-15 Averages: 32.6 min, 12.5 pts, 2.4 rebs, 1.9 asts, 0.0 blks, 0.3 stls
  • Positional Role: Shooting Guard
Perhaps one of the more overlooked players in recent years, Tre Demps figures to be one of the key factors in whether Northwestern is able to live up to its potential next season. He was used pretty significantly last season - he took 26.5% of the team's shots while on the court - and if he and the Wildcats are going to take the next step next season, he will likely have to give up some of those possessions elsewhere, but still remain efficient. If this does happen, look for Demps to be a major piece in Northwestern's rise.

- Vince Edwards (Purdue)

  • Eligibility: Sophomore
  • Career Totals: 33 games, 889 minutes, 290 points, 159 rebounds, 90 assists
  • 2014-15 Averages: 26.9 min, 8.8 pts, 4.8 rebs, 2.7 asts, 0.4 blks, 0.4 stls
  • Positional Role: Small Forward
Early in the season when Purdue was struggling, Edwards wasn't receiving much attention, but as he and the Boilermakers rounded into shape, he not only lived up to his recruiting hype, but turned into one of the better players in the entire conference. Edwards still needs to develop and hopefully improve his long range shooting, but Edwards could be a huge piece in allowing Purdue's offense to be effective this season.

- Marc Loving (Ohio State)

  • Eligibility: Junior
  • Career Totals: 67 games, 1,139 minutes, 455 points, 117 rebounds, 27 assists
  • 2014-15 Averages: 23.7 min, 9.4 pts, 3.6 rebs, 0.4 asts, 0.3 blks, 0.5 stls
  • Positional Role: Power Forward
The Buckeyes are losing an incredible amount of their production from last season, but with one of the more exciting incoming recruiting classes in the conference, there is still a lot of hope in Columbus. One of the returners that could take some of the pressure of the newcomers is Marc Loving. He only played 53.8% of the team's minutes last season, but had a 116.3 offensive rating and shot an impressive 46.1% from 3PT range. He was very efficient and if he can expand his role in the offense, he could add a lot for Ohio State next season.

- Adam Woodbury (Iowa)

  • Eligibility: Senior
  • Career Totals: 105 games, 1,882 minutes, 600 points, 487 rebounds, 79 assists
  • 2014-15 Averages: 20.5 min, 6.6 pts, 5.2 rebs, 0.9 asts, 0.4 blks, 0.6 stls
  • Positional Role: Center
Last season, Adam Woodbury got a reputation for being a physical player inside - perhaps a little too physical - and is looking to build on that this season. The Hawkeyes are losing star forward Aaron White and key backup Gabriel Olaseni, but with the return of several major contributors, there is a lot to work with coming into this year. However, there will be a lot of pressure upfront and Iowa has to be happy that they can rely on a proven option like Woodbury. Look for him to continue doing well on the boards and remaining productive inside.

'BTPowerhouse 25' Rankings To Date:

  • #26-31 - Players That Just Missed The Cut
  • #25 ... to be continued.