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67 Days to B1G Basketball: Your Favorite Moment From the 2014-15 Season?

What was your favorite Big Ten moment from last season?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As it's officially Labor Day, enjoy the Holiday and reminisce on your favorite Big Ten moments from last season. If you have any particular stories, games or plays that you were highly fond of from last season, be sure to mention them in the comment sections below.

When it comes to my personal favorite moment of the 2014-15 college basketball season, I feel like that's a relatively easy moment to decide on. As a Purdue fan, one of the best things about college basketball is when Purdue beats Indiana for the obvious rivalry related reasons. So while beating them twice last season was definitely an enjoyable experience, especially considering the environment at Mackey Arena for the first game of the series, I think the second win was a much, much more enjoyable night.

Sure, it was a closer game that didn't see Purdue roll past the Hoosiers with ease like they did in their first meeting. But considering the rivalry, there's something that makes it more enjoyable when beating Indiana in their own house. Oh, and of course this happened as well...

Hands down this was probably my favorite Purdue related dunk, with only Kelsey Barlow's posterization of of Jared Sullinger coming close. And while Octeus is no Gerard Anderson (he literally leap frogs the defender), I feel like this was hands down one of the most defining moments of Purdue's season this past year. Now the only question is if Purdue can keep it up and continue their winning streak against Indiana, with the teams set to only face off once during the regular season next year for some reason.

With that being said, what was your favorite moment last season? The Jon Octeus dunk? Rapheal Davis taking out Gregg Doyel? Adam Woodbury channeling his inner Captain Insano? Or something else?