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68 Days to B1G Basketball: Dwayne Wade Visits Nebraska Basketball Facilities

The NBA star was in Lincoln yesterday with his wife Gabrielle Union, an Omaha native and Cornhuskers fan.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

NBA great Dwayne Wade spent yesterday in Lincoln visiting the athletic facilities, as well as attending the Cornhuskers football game against Brigham Young. While Wade is an Illinois native who played college ball at Marquette (before heading to Miami), his wife Gabrielle Union is an Omaha native and was back in Nebraska for the football team's opening weekend.

While the focus point of their trip was the football game, Wade and Union also visited the Huskers' basketball facility, showing up towards the end of a practice to talk to head coach Tim Miles and the basketball team.

Apparently Wade was impressed with Nebraska's new basketball facilities, according to Tim Miles, who stated that "When he tells your guys, ‘This isn’t real life. You don’t know how good you’ve got it, it’s awesome ammunition for the coach, I’ll tell you that."

Unfortunately for Wade, Union and Nebraska fans yesterday, their team ultimately came up just a tad short as BYU managed to steal a win on a hail mary to end the game: