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51 Days to B1G Basketball: Who Has the Better New Uniforms, Michigan or Wisconsin?

Well, they could be worse.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Nowadays it seems like every team has a plethora of alternative uniforms and is constantly getting new uniforms every year or so, a trend that became very popular somewhat due to Nike and Oregon. Nike had Oregon, Under Armour had Maryland and everyone in between decided that they wanted to constantly create alternatives for every team they had a deal with. Sometimes the end results were pretty cool, look no further than a lot of Nike's Pro Combat uniforms in football, sometimes you just want to kill it with fire. As of late it seems like Adidas has been the company to misfire frequently on their alternative jerseys, as the company tries to remain relevant while falling behind both Nike and Under Armour.

That, of course, eventually led to someone at Adidas deciding these postseasons uniforms would be a good idea:

Like seriously, that's straight up a cumerbund and it was embarrassing. I mean, while some people aren't a huge fan of anything Adidas does, I was always somewhat impartial (okay, okay, I actually liked) their camouflage jerseys from the 2013 postseason.

With that being said, two Adidas teams got new uniforms for the 2015-16 season and the question today is who got the better uniforms for the upcoming season. Starting off let's take a look at the new Wisconsin digs:

Shockingly enough Adidas actually showed restraint on the new Badgers uniforms, with the only potential nitpick being a matter of personal taste (some people might not like the red stripes across the bottom). Either way, the uniforms are relatively basic, don't try to do too much and look pretty much in line with what Wisconsin has historically worn. Not bad, not bad at all.

On to Michigan, now in their final year with Adidas before jumping over to Nike for a boat load of money. It's almost like Adidas realized why Michigan left had less to do with the money and more with the ridicule the school received from the fan base over their atrocious jersey designs, so they decided to stick it to Michigan on their way out. What makes it even worse is Michigan's new uniforms are so close to being pretty great overall:

The jerseys up top look absolutely perfect. Not only that, but the yellow on yellow (mixed with a trace of white and the choice to wear white shoes) is also a good look. However, those shorts...The problem with the bottom half is the shorts would be fine if they were just plain yellow with the Michigan logo on the side. However, Adidas thought it would be a good idea to add some random multi-colored stripes across the top of the shorts, I don't know? Like seriously, the stripes up top make no sense. What is the purpose, like what do they bring to the table or what is the appeal? At the end of the day it's relatively easy to see why Michigan left for Nike, with plenty of Wolverine fans wishing that Nike contract would have started this season instead of next.

Anyway, which jerseys did you guys like better, Wisconsin or Michigan's? I think the answer is pretty simple here.