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Looking At The Top Storylines Of Nebraska and Whether The Huskers Can Replace Terran Petteway Next Season

Nebraska had an uneventful season last year in the Big Ten, so many eyes will be on coach Tim Miles and the rest of the squad. Here are the three top storylines for Nebraska next season.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have had quite an interesting offseason. The team lost their best player from last year to the NBA draft, the team extended coach Tim Miles' contract, and the team added some intriguing recruits and transfers.

The Cornhuskers are going to need to rebound in a big way next season, and these three storylines will follow the Cornhuskers all the way until the season starts and ends.

#1. How will the Cornhuskers replace Terran Petteway?

The best player on Nebraska's roster last season was likely Terran Petteway, and he will be a hard player to replace because of his ability to score the basketball. The Cornhuskers are going to need someone to step in and start creating big numbers on the offensive end like Petteway. It will take a little time for coach Miles and the team to find an option that can score big buckets on a consistent level. Transfer Andrew White III is one of the players that has the ability to score like Petteway did.

White could definitely add some high-volume scoring for the Cornhuskers while someone like Shavon Shields will handle the offensive frontcourt load next season. The Cornhuskers might not find the next Petteway, but they will certainly be looking for someone next season to score like Petteway did last season.

#2. Coach Miles' contract extension

This offseason, Nebraska and coach Miles agreed on a contract extension, which means that there will be a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders for next season. Miles still has a lot to prove as a head coach, he took the team to the NCAA tournament during the 2013-2014 season, but now he has the prove that their trip was not a fluke. Nothing went right for the Cornhuskers last season, even though they returned many of their key players, so the pressure is going to be on coach Miles next season.

#3. Incoming recruits and transfers

The Cornhuskers are welcoming a bunch of new players next season, and some of the new players are going to contribute right away in a big way. Players like Ed Morrow Jr., White, and Glynn Watson will be watched closely next season because they are going to have high expectations. Each player will play big minutes for the Cornhuskers next season, and if they step it up, they could lead the Cornhuskers to good season in the Big Ten next season.

The new players for the Cornhuskers will be called on to play some big minutes next season.


There is going to be a lot of fans paying attention to Nebraska next season because the team was so disappointing last year. The Cornhuskers need to rebound in a big way next season to take some pressure off coach Miles and the rest of Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are probably going to have a tough time making the NCAA tournament next season, but the team has the ability to make some noise in the Big Ten if they can find a scoring replacement for Petteway, and if the the new players step up in a big way.