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2015 NBA Summer League: Big Ten Day 2 Stats, Recap, and Analysis

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The 2015 NBA Summer League is in full swing with a boatload of former Big Ten players in action.

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The Summer League is in full swing and there are a bunch of former Big Ten players in action.  Though this is not an NBA site, many of these former Big Ten players are fighting for a roster position in the Summer League and these games will have a large impact on how many players from the Big Ten make 2015-16 NBA rosters.  Success in the pros is highly related to a program's success, which makes the Summer League highly relevant for many of the programs in the Big Ten.  Here are some of the highlights from Day 2.

We detailed the full Summer League rosters and now we are going to be following those players during their games this summer.

2015 NBA Summer League Day Two Stats

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Once again, please insert a "grain of salt" warning with everyone of my statements regarding the Summer League.  The competition is much different than your typical NBA regular or postseason game and as such, you really have to evaluate these games differently.  Players aren't going to run into a LeBron or Durant in these games.  Fans can still get an idea of how players are progressing, but the level of competition and seriousness of these games are definitely different than what takes place in a normal NBA game.  FYI, this first paragraph is going to run on each one of these recaps just as a general reminder about the significance of the Summer League.

Another day and another really solid performance from Frank Kaminsky.  After putting up a double-double in his first game, he grabbed 14 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks in Sunday's matchup.  Kaminsky is now averaging 16.5 points and 10 rebounds per game in the Summer League.  There's still a long way to go this summer, but that's a really nice start for a player who was up and down in his pre-Draft projections.

The only other guy to really do anything major was Branden Dawson, who came away with 8 points and 5 rebounds.  However, DJ Newbill did see his first action in the Summer League with 16 minutes of play.  He is a player that many think can make some noise this summer, so that's definitely a good sign for him.  Additionally, Austin Hollins saw some increased time, though it didn't lead to a ton of statistical production.

On the other end, Aaron Craft and LaQuinton Ross have both yet to see the court.  There are some concerns over Craft's toe, so there shouldn't be too many red flags there, but one would think that Ross might be able to see some time in the coming days.