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Charlotte Hornets To Bring In Ohio State's LaQuinton Ross For 2015 NBA Summer League

LaQuinton Ross returns from Italy in attempt to find a spot on a NBA roster.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

It was recently announced that former Ohio State Buckeye LaQuinton Ross will participate in the 2015 NBA Summer League with the Charlotte Hornets.

The 6'8" forward broke out in Columbus and became the offensive leader for Ohio State in his junior season back in 2013-14. Leading the Buckeyes in points(15.2) and rebounds (5.9), Ross somewhat surprisingly decided to declare for the draft instead of returning for one more season at Ohio State. The move didn't pan out for the Mississippi native, with Ross going undrafted.

The forward attempted to earn a roster spot last summer, participating in the summer league with the Lakers, but couldn't land a spot and ultimately took a contract to play professionally overseas in Italy instead. Ross thrived overseas, leading his club in scoring (17.1) and rebounds (7.1), though his team stumbled to a poor 8-22 record. Now with a successful season overseas in the books, Ross is once again trying to work his way into the NBA.

Unfortunately for the former Buckeye, it's became increasingly apparent that he could have used the extra season in Columbus to fine tune his game. That becomes even more true as Ross would have likely benefited considerably playing alongside D'Angelo Russell, even more so considering he wouldn't have been the only offensive weapon on the court. Ross can score and clean up on the glass, but when compared to other potential NBA players there's not as much upside and little incentive for a team to take Ross over a laundry list of similar candidates.

This past season, though, proved that Ross does have a professional career playing basketball. It might just not be in the NBA.