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Recruiting: 2016 4-Star Power Forward Nick Rakocevic Discusses Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin

Where could Nick Rakocevic be heading?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Class of 2016 four-star power forward Nick Rakocevic has trimmed his list of offers to 10 schools he will focus on going forward. The schools that made the list include Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Texas, UCLA, Miami, UVA, Creighton, USC, and Tennessee, he announced on Friday night.

The power forward from Illinois can shoot the ball of the dribble and attack the rim.  Plus, he is really long, which allows him to alter and block shots on the defensive side of the ball. The one thing that really makes them versatile is his ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter on a consistent basis. He is really tall, so when there are a lot of smaller defenders on him, it is very easy for him to elevate to shoot the ball. His ball-handling skills are really well for someone with his size. He is really good also in the post, which makes him stick out a lot. The things that he will need to continue to do are work on adding strength and also defending in space.

All of these schools stand out to the big man both on an academic and basketball level. He only can take five officials, so it would be really interesting to see what schools make get officials.

When Rakocevic was asked about each school that made his list, the forward gave a good response by providing a general statement. Rakocevic said “ Each school has a lot to offer for me all are great opportunities both educational and basketball wise the four-star power forward told Big Ten Powerhouse.

Wisconsin was the first school to offer Rakocevic and they are a school that really stands out to him because he see's himself as similar to a former Badger that recently got drafted in the NBA and went to the Charlotte Hornets.

"I see myself as a Frank Kaminsky player because we are both versatile, not only can I shoot the ball really well from behind the arc, but also I can go down and use some of my post moves when I can not shoot the ball well," Rakocevic told Big Ten Powerhouse.

The comparisons are really visible because he is 6-foot-11 and as versatile as a player that I have seen in the class of 2016. Additionally, when he shoots the ball, he was really efficient from the behind the arc. As such, Kaminsky isn't a bad comparison for Rakocevic despite the high expectations that come with that.

Rakocevic also has Indiana in his list of 10, even though they have fallen on hard luck over the past few years. Rakocevic explained to Big Ten Powerhouse on why Indiana made the list even though they have been on a downfall.

"Indiana has always been recruiting me very well. They are also known for developing guys to get them to the next level. They have a great program," Rakocevic explained on why the Hoosiers made his top 10.  Rakocevic said Tom Crean told him that they see him more as a stretch four that can run the floor up and down and also play in the half-court system.

The last and final Big Ten school that made the 4-star power forward's list is Iowa. Iowa really attracts Rakocevic because the Hawkeyes are a program on the rise and he really enjoys the environment of the school.

When Rakocevic decides, he will ultimately be a solid addition to any program.  Still, considering this, Wisconsin could really be a nice fit due to his similarities to Kaminsky and potential for development there.

[Editor's Note: There was a mistaken quote in a previous version of the article involving Iowa.]