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Big Ten Basketball Podcast: Post 2015 NBA Summer League & Scheduling Chatter

The BTPowerhouse staff discusses the upcoming 2015 NBA Summer League and recent Big Ten scheduling announcements.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The BTP Podcast returns yet again.  This time, we discuss the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft and recent Big Ten scheduling announcements.  To help facilitate discussion, BTPowerhouse Manager Thomas Beindit hosts the podcast and BTPowerhouse writer Tim Langevin joins the discussion.

You can check out all the Podcasts here.

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In this episode, we discuss:

* Breakdown of the top Big Ten prospects in the 2015 NBA Summer League

* Prospects that impressed during the Summer League

* Whether any players can get on an NBA roster

* Can Aaron Craft land on a roster?

* The release of the Illini's non-conference schedule

* Whether scheduling Top 10 teams is a good idea.

And more!