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Should Nebraska's Terran Petteway Make An NBA Roster Next Season?

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Despite not being drafted in the 2015 NBA Draft, former Nebraska star deserves to be on an NBA roster next season.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Terran Petteway did not hear his name called at the 2015 NBA Draft, which was a little surprising to many people that watched him shine in college. However, Petteway did sign with the Atlanta Hawks summer league team for the Las Vegas Summer League. That is when he started to show why he should have been drafted.

Petteway showed that he was much more than just a guy that can score the basketball during his stint in summer league. He averaged 10.9 PPG, 4.3 RPG, and 2.6 APG. He also averaged one steal and block a game. Petteway played a little point guard for the Hawks, but he was mostly on the wing as a two-guard, which is where he is more comfortable.

Take a look below at some of his summer league play:

The thing that should attract everyone about Petteway is his size, ability to score, and his ability to create his own shot. Petteway is 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, which is why he can be a perfect two-guard in the NBA. He is probably not ready to be a starter on an NBA team because he is a little inconsistent shooting the basketball at times, but he can definitely be a "heat check" guy that can come off the bench and give a team some help on the offensive end. He can be like a Tim Hardaway Jr. in the NBA, or even a Jamal Crawford simply due to his ability to create his own shot and his ability to score from just about anywhere on the floor.

Petteway showcased all of his great skills for the Hawks, but it hard to see his fit on the Hawks, since the team did just acquire Hardaway Jr., who is a very similar player to Petteway, except Hardaway Jr. is far more athletic. Petteway should be able to make a roster next season in the NBA, he will be able to help a team right away just because of his ability to score. He does need to improve on the defensive end, but he does have great length, which helps him disrupt passing lanes and he will be able to guard most guards, and some small forwards. Petteway will also need to get better at taking care of the basketball if he is asked to handle the ball sometimes because he has struggled in the past with taking care of the ball, but not many teams are going to look for Petteway to be a floor general.

Many teams around the NBA are trying to resemble last year's NBA champion, the Golden State Warriors, who won last year's title because of their ability to shoot the basketball and space the floor. Obviously, they were also terrific defensively and had the MVP on their team, but many teams are looking to add plenty of shooting and players that can play more than one position, which is were Petteway can come in handy.

Somebody needs to give Petteway a shot next season, he is a proven player, with great size, and scoring ability. He also still has plenty of room for improvement. He should get a call soon enough to join an NBA roster.