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2015 NBA Summer League: Big Ten Day 15 Stats, Recap, and Analysis

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The 2015 NBA Summer League is in full swing with a boatload of former Big Ten players in action.

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The Summer League is in full swing and there are a bunch of former Big Ten players in action.  Though this is not an NBA site, many of these former Big Ten players are fighting for a roster position in the Summer League and these games will have a large impact on how many players from the Big Ten make 2015-16 NBA rosters.  Success in the pros is highly related to a program's success, which makes the Summer League highly relevant for many of the programs in the Big Ten.  Here are some of the highlights from Day 15.

We detailed the full Summer League rosters and now we are going to be following those players during their games this summer.

2015 NBA Summer League Day 15 Stats:

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Once again, please insert a "grain of salt" warning with everyone of my statements regarding the Summer League.  The competition is much different than your typical NBA regular or postseason game and as such, you really have to evaluate these games differently.  Players aren't going to run into a LeBron or Durant in these games.  Fans can still get an idea of how players are progressing, but the level of competition and seriousness of these games are definitely different than what takes place in a normal NBA game.  FYI, this first paragraph is going to run on each one of these recaps just as a general reminder about the significance of the Summer League.

There were three players from the Big Ten that put up really good games on Saturday and they were Terran Petteway, Glenn Robinson III, and Shannon Scott.  Petteway has put together one of the better performances this summer in not just the conference, but the entire Summer League and looks to be in solid position to land a roster spot for next season if things shake out right.  GR3 put up 23 points on Saturday and was a key part in the Hawks grabbing the win to move to Sunday.  Scott may not have had one area that jumped out, but his diverse play was huge for the Spurs.  Conveniently enough, the Hawks and Spurs will play on Sunday.

Two other players that are also worth noting here are Aaron Craft and Rayvonte Rice.  Neither has gotten massive attention, but have their own storylines forming coming out of the Summer League.  Craft did not score all that much or put up mega stats, but he did set a Golden State record for total assists in Summer League play and as always, played some quality defense.  Unfortunately for Rice, he just has not seen the floor.  Many were hoping he could make the noise and potentially get into the NBA roster discussion, but it does not appear to be the case.  Perhaps he can develop more over the next year and hope to land somewhere.

As a final note, the Summer League will wrap up on Monday, meaning that if you are looking to check out some NBA basketball, the next two days will be your last chance for quite awhile.