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22 Ways to Kill Time Until Big Ten Basketball Returns

July is one of the slowest months in sports and it just serves as a reminder that November is a quarter-year away.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We here at love Big Ten basketball, duh. I know that I can't wait for the first exhibition games to get here so I can start obsessing over actual games instead of just watching recruiting news and arguing with friends and colleagues about who is going to be better next season. If you're a huge B1G fanboy like me, I suspect you've been contemplating building a time machine to skip through rest of the summer so we can at least get to the appetizer that is Big Ten football. Well until one of us can engineer a working flux capacitor, I figured I would provide a short list of things we can do to make time at least seem to go faster while we wait for non-conference play.

  1. Watch the end of The Open Championship tomorrow
  2. Check out the last few games of the CONCACAF Gold Cup this week
  3. Follow @BTPowerhouse on Twitter for all your Big Ten recruiting news
  4. Find a friendly bear and ask them how to hibernate for three months
  5. Debate with friends about which one of Ohio State's three QBs is the best
  6. If you don't have friends, now is also a good time to find some before you withdraw from the world in November
  7. Watch this dunk from Jon Octeus 100x a day:
  8. Follow our site manager @TBeindit on Twitter for Summer League updates on your favorite former Big Ten players
  9. Imagine what Jordan Brand Michigan jerseys will look like in 2016
  10. Wait to see what crazy thing Jim Harbaugh will tweet or do next
  11. Prepare your trash talk for this year's Big Ten-ACC Challenge and the new Gavitt Tipoff Games
  12. Try the new Lay's flavors
  13. Buy a retirement present for Bo Ryan, cause you don't want to wait til the last minute
  14. Watch the Rugby World Cup starting Semptember 18th and see if the US can advance past the group stage for the first time ever
  15. See if you can find a cooler name for a post player than Maryland's Diamond Stone
  16. Work on your celebration dance for when a Big Ten team breaks the streak and wins the NCAA Tournament this year
  17. Get back in shape so you can fit into the jersey you bought as a college freshman (I'm the only one? Oh...)
  18. Figure out your own signature wing recipe so you can save money on gameday meals this year
  19. Quit making Adam Woodbury eye-gouging jokes (again this may not apply to anyone but me)
  20. Tweet at your team's potential recruits
  21. Wait no, DON'T EVER DO THAT
  22. Just relax and read BTPowerhouse to get your Big Ten basketball fix