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Wisconsin Badgers Basketball: Incoming Freshman X-Factor Brevin Pritzl

Brevin Pritzl could be a huge factor for the Wisconsin Badgers next season as they look to rebuild off recent losses.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan during the Final Four
Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan during the Final Four
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Incoming freshman Brevin Pritzl gives the Wisconsin Badgers just what they need heading into next season: a solid shooting guard with loads of scoring potential. In the absence of Josh Gasser, Pritzl should fill a major role at the 2 spot in coordination with Zak Showalter, the returning junior. With Pritzl and Showalter giving solid minutes for Wisconsin's backcourt, and Bronson Koening erupting at the point guard position, watch out for the Badgers.

Pritzl chose the Badgers over a number of different other schools including Creighton, Xavier, and Michigan. Out of De Pere high school in Wisconsin, Pritzl measures out at 6'3" and 185 pounds. The Wisconsin native is a 4 star recruit rated 5th in the state by ESPN. Pritzl verbally committed to the Badgers just over a year ago, and after witnessing their run all the way to the National Championship game last season, there's no doubt he's excited to play for Bo Ryan's club.

Pritzl is waiting to show Wisconsin what he can do as a scorer. With a pure shooting stroke, there is no doubt that Pritzl will be knocking down some long range shots in Madison. That being said, his game is not just limited to his three point shooting. Brevin Pritzl has the ability to finish around the basket and play through contact. For his size, he has an impressive knack for picking up the bruise and the bucket.

Given his potential, Pritzl should fit right in with the system next season when he begins his freshman year. His shooting ability will put him in the likes of previous Badger shooting guards Ben Brust and Josh Gasser, but his game has the potential to be elevated to the next level. Following in the footsteps of Zak Showalter, Pritzl will learn to become a crafty player who can handle the pressures and responsibilities of playing in the Big Ten. Given the fact that he will play for Bo Ryan, I don't expect him to turn the ball over or make too many mental mistakes either.

That being said, this is a young Badger team. Wisconsin will not have a senior on the roster next season (outside of walk-on Jordan Smith); instead, it will feature 4 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 6 freshman who haven't seen court time with the Badgers. What this means for this young team is that there are a lot of potential minutes to go around. Nigel Hayes and Bronson Koening can't carry the whole load for this Wisconsin team, so someone is going to have to show that they know how to play basketball.

Pritzl has that potential to be the next man in line for the Badgers. Given Bo Ryan's recent success of turning incoming freshman into college basketball stars, it wouldn't be surprising to see Pritzl rise as one of Wisconsin's best in the years to come.