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2015 NBA Draft: Can Minnesota's Andre Hollins Find A Spot In The NBA?

Andre Hollins was the go-to guy for Minnesota during his career, but how does his game translate to the NBA?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

So your team opted to bring in Minnesota's Andre Hollins.  At this point, you're probably wondering what value Hollins could add to an NBA roster.  Though Hollins does not boast 1st Round potential, he could be a quality addition for numerous NBA teams.

Here's video of one of his recent workouts.

Andre Hollins made a big name for himself during his time as a Golden Gopher, and his game should be good enough for the next level, but his status as a permanent member of an NBA roster is relatively unknown.  Although Hollins isn't the type of player like an Okafor or Towns, he still has some great skills as a two-guard.

What to expect from Hollins

Hollins played mostly at the shooting guard position at his time at Minnesota. He was asked to be more of a scoring guard than a facilitator for Minnesota, which is why he averaged 13.8 PPG and only 2.7 APG in his last season at Minnesota. Hollins is not a very athletic guard, but he is very quick, which helps him get to the rim and create his own shot.

Hollins' speed is one of his best attributes, and he really knows how to stroke the ball from anywhere on the floor. He shot 40 percent from three in his senior season, and he has an impressive mid-range game, which is vital for guards at the next level. He is probably to small to be a shooting guard in the NBA, but he can really shoot the ball, which is why he could be an interesting pick late in the second round.

Hollins is 6-foot-1, which is not a great size for an NBA guard, seeing that most guards nowadays are rather tall. He is pretty good at disrupting passing lanes, and he is a decent perimeter defender because of his quickness, but bigger guards will be able to use their size to their advantage over Hollins. He loves to shoot the basketball a little too much and sometimes he loses control of the game, which is why he probably will not be a floor general at the next level.


After Hollins finished his first year at Minnesota, many people believed Hollins had the potential to be a first round pick someday, but now he looks like more of a player that will fit for a permanent position on an NBA roster. You can count on Hollins for being a confident shooter and scorer at the two-guard position, but he is very undersized for the position.

Hollins is an example of a player that should have left for the NBA earlier, but he will have to see if he can "stick" on an NBA team. Hollins' shooting might be able to squeak him in late in the second round, but other than that, it is hard to see Hollins get drafted.

Hollins was go-to guy for Minnesota for four years, now time will tell whether he can make a name for himself somewhere else, whether it be in the NBA or overseas.