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Brooklyn Nets Bring In Wisconsin's Josh Gasser For 2015 NBA Summer League

The former Wisconsin shooting guard did not hear his name on draft night, but he will be playing on an NBA summer league team for the Brooklyn Nets. Here is what you can expect from Gasser.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Not many people expected Wisconsin's Josh Gasser to hear his name on draft night, but even with these doubts, he will get a chance to make an impact on the Brooklyn Nets' summer league team.

Gasser played in three seasons at Wisconsin, and in his senior season, he started every game for the Badgers. He is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard who can really shoot the basketball, and he is a terrific free-throw shooter, which is something that can go a long way at the next level. Gasser is a pretty good defender, but he might be a little undersized in summer league at the two-guard. He cannot really play point guard, but he is a great leader. Gasser was known as the leader for the Badgers during his career at Wisconsin, which says a lot seeing that Frank Kaminsky was on the team with Gasser for four years.

What can Gasser do for the Nets in summer league?

Honestly, Gasser is going to do anything to be successful. He will take on any role in during his stint with the Nets in summer league, whether that means being a lockdown defender or a long-range shooter. Gasser is also a pure winner, which might not mean much in summer league, but people will notice how hard Gasser works during a game just to get a win.

NBA summer league might not seem like a big deal for Gasser, but now he will get a chance to impress his team and other teams in the league. This is a great chance for Gasser because now teams will realize that he will do anything he can to affect the outcome of the game. He is a guy that everyone wants on your team, even though he is not really fantastic at one thing.

Gasser could make his way on an NBA roster someday, and this stint in the summer league is a good start for Gasser.