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Former Illinois Center Nnanna Egwu to Play for Orlando Magic in Summer League

Though he didn't hear his name calledon draft day, Nnanna Egwu will have another chance to prove his worth this summer, as he will play ball with the Orlando Magic.

Nnanna Egwu in a game against Michigan State
Nnanna Egwu in a game against Michigan State
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Nnanna Egwu certainly has a lot to offer as he enters the next stage in his career. At 6'11'' and 250 pounds, he's one of the best NBA prospects in terms of defensive efficiency. Shot blocking is Nnanna's forte, and his 201 career blocks are better than any Fighting Illini Basketball player in history. But even when he's not swatting basketballs away, his size and length helps him shut down offenses and positively affect play.

Egwu will have a chance to prove his worth this summer as he plays with the Orlando Magic. One aspect of Egwu's game that he'll certainly look to improve is his offensive ability. With his size and frame, Egwu should be able to manufacture in the post and be an offensive powerhouse. Egwu tends to resort to a few post moves and often takes a fadeaway hook shot rather than getting an easy lay-in.

Playing in the post is obviously easier said than done, but Egwu's ability to develop a variety of moves down low is critical to his success on the next level. Lucky for him, a new set of teammates and coaches this summer should help him get there. The experience of playing in the NBA's summer leauge should help him improve his game on a number of different levels. Don't be surprised to see Egwu on an NBA roster in a few years to come.