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2015 NBA Draft: So Your Team Drafted Iowa's Aaron White

Iowa's Aaron White had an impressive college career, but how will his game translate to the NBA? Here is what to expect if your team drafts Aaron White.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

So your team opted to bring in Iowa's Aaron White.  At this point, you're probably wondering what value White could add to an NBA roster.  Though White does not boast Lottery potential, he could be a quality addition for numerous NBA teams.

First, here's a look at some of White's top highlights.

White is a 6-foot-9 forward that can stretch the floor at the next level. He played power forward and some small forward in college, which is something he will be able to to in the NBA as well. He is not a very strong forward, but he can get to the basket and score efficiently. White was one of the most efficient scorers in the Big Ten last season, and he averaged 16.4 PPG and 7.3 RPG in his last season at Iowa.

What can you expect from White?

White is not going to be the go-to guy for an NBA team at the next level, but he can do many different things in the NBA. He did not shoot many three-point shots in college, but he has the ability to knock-down long distance jumpers and attack the rim, which makes him a dangerous stretch-four. He is pretty athletic, which helps him score at the rim. He is a crafty defender because he has good hands, he averaged 1.3 SPG in his senior season at Iowa. White is a very intelligent basketball player and he always seems to make the right decisions on both ends of the floor.

White needs to improve a little bit on the defensive end, especially if he wants to defend power forwards in the NBA. He does have the speed and quickness to keep up with most small forwards, and he has quick enough hands to disrupt passing lanes. White will also need to show that he can develop his three-point shooting. He did not shoot from three many times while in college because it was much easier for him to attack the rim and score from a close distance.


White is going to a be great energy-guy in the NBA because of the way he plays. He will use his ability to get to the rim along with his athleticism to be decent scorer at the next-level. White had a terrific career at Iowa, and now he will try and take his jack of all trade skills to the next level. He did everything for four years at the University of Iowa, and now he has to show that he can do the same things in the NBA. He has plenty of potential at the offensive end, and time will tell whether or not White can shoot from beyond the arc, but right now, White has enough assets to help a team in the NBA early and often.