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Build Your Best All-Big Ten Team With $15 For The 2015-16 Season

See what team you could build out of the Big Ten's best prospects for 2015-16.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With the offseason in full swing and still months remaining until teams tip-off for the 2015-16 season, speculation is at its highest level for next season.  How will teams shape up?  Who will be the biggest contributors?  And of course, what team will reign supreme in the Big Ten?

One of the most interesting discussions is debating which players will be the most valuable around the conference.  Most fans and media members can pin down a player or two for each team, but figuring out how they fit together and compare with one another is really intriguing.

One really fun comparison is having fans pick their "best team" with a limited number of resources.  Even in a year like 2015-16 where the Big Ten looks very deep, there are still a few players who look to be the top contributors.  However, if you have to pick and choose among them, things get really interesting.

So here are the rules.  Choose 5 players from the chart listed below, but you are limited to only spending $15, so if you choose a player that "costs" $5, you are limited on your other selections.  Along with this, you must choose a player at each position, so there's no stocking up on guards and playing some type of ultra small ball.

2015-16 Big Ten Player Chart:








Yogi Ferrell

Caris LeVert

Nigel Hayes

Malcolm Hill

AJ Hammons


Melo Trimble

Eron Harris

Denzel Valentine

Troy Williams

Alex Olah


Derrick Walton

James Blackmon

Jake Layman

Jae'Sean Tate

Adam Woodbury


Bronson Koenig

Jalen Coleman-Lands

Jarrod Uthoff

Robert Carter

Diamond Stone


Bryant McIntosh

Raphael Davis

Shavon Shields

Caleb Swanigan

Trevor Thompson

There are certainly a lot of different ways to go in this discussion.  Some may want to go with proven returns like Ferrell and Hammons and some may want newcomers like Harris or Stone.  There's a ton of leeway and with only Ferrell and Trimble being returning All-Big Ten players, there's plenty of room for debate.

It should be a great year for the Big Ten next season and its top players should just be a part of that discussion, so throw yours in the comments below and see how your list compares with others