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Chatting With Maryland and Michigan Prospect 2017 Shooting Guard Myles Cale

Could Myles Cale be the next great player for Maryland or Michigan?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, BTPowerhouse got the chance to chat with 2017 prospect Myles Cale.  Although Cale has not committed yet and has yet to receive any Big Ten offers, he is a player on Maryland and Michigan's radar for the 2017 recruiting cycle and should be a target for several Big Ten programs over the next few years.

Cale comes out of West Middletown, Delaware, which is located on the north side of Delaware and just about an hour outside of Philadelphia.  Although Cale only has limited rankings available at this point, he is perceived to be a Division I prospect.  Along with Maryland and Michigan, he has already received attention from many programs including James Madison, La Salle, Old Dominion, Temple, and Xavier.

Some of the areas that Cale identified as strengths were his ball handling, court vision, and his ability to create off the dribble and attack the rim.  On defense, he prides himself on using his quickness and length to not only put pressure on opposing players, but also to prevent passes and crossovers.  Of course, Cale also has areas he is looking to improve.  Specifically, he mentioned his ability to post up smaller defenders, and becoming a better shot blocker.

During our discussion, Cale talked about his growth on the court and the lessons he is learning on his AAU circuit and from coach Tim Legler.

"I love being coached by NBA 3-point Champ Tim Legler," Cale told BTPowerhouse.  "He's [taught me a lot] in playing hard, having initiative, and [that] being a leader is a priority to play on his team. He's also an expert shooting coach."

Two players that Cale specifically identified that he likes to model his game off are James Harden and LeBron James.  Cale spoke a lot about what he thinks about both of their games.

"I like how Harden loves to use the pick and roll [and] when he is driving to the hole, he is really good at drawing fouls," Cale said.  "I also [like] LeBron James because he is a very excellent all-around player and a phenomenal leader. He can literally make everyone on the court better when you play with him."

Though Cale is still developing college interest at this point, he hopes to make a decision by next summer.  He told BTPowerhouse that he will be looking for the best "fit" through both "academics and athletics" when making a decision.

When asked about potential Big Ten suitors Maryland and Michigan, he talked about some of the things that would attract him to the two programs.

"The school's basketball and education programs," Cale said. "The schools [are] excellent in both fields. I would also be attracted given the histories of both coaches."

In the classroom, Cale has yet to decide on a potential major, but academics do appear to be a significant part of his decision process.  This will be something for those following Cale's recruitment to keep an eye on as he receives more college attention and moves to his upperclassmen years.

Despite not yet having offers from Maryland and Michigan, Cale told BTPowerhouse that an offer from the Terps could be on the horizon in the near future.  Regardless of where he ends up, some college program will be lucky enough to welcome Cale onto its campus for the 2017-18 season.