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Transfer Andrew White: The Wait Is Almost Over For Nebraska

Andrew White has not played a game in Lincoln, but coach Tim Miles and Nebraska have been waiting for White to make his debut.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew White never really got his chance to shine at Kansas, but now more than ever, coach Tim Miles and Nebraska needs White to be a crucial player for the Cornhuskers.

White, a 6-foot-7 shooting guard from Virginia, is a knockdown long-range shooter, with very impressive size and athleticism. He weighs about 220 pounds and he has spent a lot of time in the weight room during the past year because he had to sit out a year due to transfer rules. He did not put up stellar numbers when he played for Kansas, but everyone saw the potential White had in his game because of his size and impressive shooting stroke.

White has already received much praise from some of his teammates and his coach. Sophomore Tarin Smith told Michael Bruntz of 247Sports on Jan. 19 that White brings it in practice every single day. Coach Miles did not have much to say about White at the time because Miles was more focused on Nebraska's roster at the time, but he did recognize White's shooting skill and ability to create his own shot.

Where will White fit at Nebraska?

White is a shooting guard, but he will be able to play some small forward because of his size. White will need to work on his footwork if he wants to defend shooting guards in the Big Ten, but he can guard opposing teams small forwards with his size and athleticism. White needs to work on his defensive game as a whole, which might be one of the reasons why he did not see much playing time at Kansas. In the Big Ten, and all of the other power conferences in the country you need to be able to get it done on both ends of the floor, so White will have to work extremely hard to step up his defensive game.

White will have no problem fitting in with Nebraska on the offensive end. If Terran Petteway did decide to stay for his senior season; there could have been some spacing issues on the perimeter, but now without Petteway, White should get the green-light to take most of the outside jumpers for the Cornhuskers.The Cornhuskers are going to need some help on the offensive end this season, and the Cornhuskers were a poor three-point shooting team last season, White should help Nebraska become a better perimeter shooting team.

Cornhuskers' fans should be excited for White

White has waited a long time to get his chance to shine, and he will finally get his chance to make a name for himself in the Big Ten during the 2015-2016 season. The Cornhuskers are going to try and head in the right direction this season, and if the team finds success this season, White will be a big reason why. Outside shooting has been a problem for the Cornhuskers in past years, but this year, most of those problems will go away due to White.

Expect White and Shavon Shields to handle the scoring workload for the Cornhuskers next season. If both players can play to their full potential, watch out for Nebraska to be a sleeper team in the Big Ten.