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Final BTPowerhouse Bracket Contest Update

We take a look at the final standings in the BTPowerhouse bracket contest.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The National Championship wrapped up on Monday night and although the Wisconsin Badgers ended up falling short to the Duke Blue Devils, it was still a great season for the Big Ten and an outstanding NCAA Tournament that featured great games in every round.

Of course, with the NCAA Tournament there are always some great bracket contests and upsets that have a huge impact on who has the best bracket.  Well, BTPowerhouse had our annual bracket contest and we have the final standings follow Duke's win on Monday.

Final Bracket Contest Standings:

final bracket standings 15

So if you didn't guess already, yeah, that's me in the #1 spot.  I had a bit of a rough opening two rounds, but the fact that I had Duke, Kentucky, and Wisconsin in my Final Four, had both title teams, and Duke as the National Champion went a really long way in giving me the title, by a pretty decent margin as well.  As a result, I will now post a series of videos and gifs to celebrate my excellent bracket run through March.


bracket gifs

bracket gifs

bracket gifs

bracket gifs

bracket gifs

You can see the full standings here.