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Can D.J. Newbill Prove His Worth to NBA Scouts?

D.J. Newbill's ability to score gives him a chance to make it at the next level

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After sitting out a the 2011-2012 season following his transfer from Southern Miss, D.J. Newbill has done nothing but impress at Penn State. The 6'4'' guard has proved to be an elite scorer in his time at Penn State, but his ability to create for others will determine whether or not the leading scorer in the Big Ten can make an NBA roster come next fall.

Newbill will likely go undrafted in the 2015 NBA Draft with so many teams using 2nd round picks on foreign players who they can stash away over seas and not worry about paying in the near future. Newbill will, however, have the chance to prove himself to NBA scouts in the NBA Summer Leagues, which are usually held in Orlando and Las Vegas. Newbill has shown he can score against top teams even when defensive game-plans are centered around him. Against the two Final Four teams from the Big Ten, he posted 29 points twice against Wisconsin and 27 in his only matchup with Michigan State.

His ability to score will intrigue scouts, but what will keep Newbill around at the next level is proving he has the talent to make others better. He doesn't have the size to play shooting guard for long periods of time in the NBA and will need to prove his worth at the point. He will also have to find a way to keep quicker guards out of the lane.

Overall, Newbill will get an opportunity to shine in the Summer League, but he would really have to impress to earn a spot on an opening night roster. He may have to start in the D-League or develop his game overseas and hope for an opportunity mid-season when injuries become a factor for a 10-day contract opportunity to open up. If Newbill is going to make it in the NBA it's likely going to play out like former Nittany Lion guard Tim Frazier, who excelled in the D-League and eventually picked up roster spots with the 76ers and Trail Blazers.