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Post-Final Four BTPowerhouse Bracket Contest Update

We take a look at the standings in the BTPowerhouse bracket contest following the Final Four.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Final Four games were on Saturday evening and turned in perhaps the best game of the entire season.  In thrilling fashion, the Wisconsin Badgers knocked off previously undefeated Kentucky and ended their run to become the first team to ever go 40-0 in a single season.

As we head into the National Championship game between Wisconsin and Duke on Monday night, the bracket contest has come to its finish line with just one game remaining.  Here are you standings as of Sunday morning.

4/5 Bracket Contest Standings:

contest final4

The race has now come down to the end, but the important thing to note is that yours truly is sitting at #8 heading into the National Championship game.  If my math is correct, I would move into first with a Duke win.  It should be an exciting game on Monday night, but also a true chance to see if the staff or the readers will win.

You can see the full standings here.