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Kerwin Okoro To Transfer From Rutgers

The junior wing has opted to transfer out of Rutgers.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, various reports surfaced that junior wing Kerwin Okoro would be transferring from Rutgers heading into next year.  The move is not necessarily that surprising, but does reduce the depth for Rutgers even further heading into a season of question marks next year. is reporting that it was a "mutual decision" to transfer between Okoro and the Rutgers program.

Okoro entered the program as a transfer from Iowa State with relatively high hopes for his time with the Scarlet Knights.  However, after playing in just 11 games in 2013-14 and 17 games in 2014-15, his contributions have been mixed to say the least.  In fact, this season, Okoro only had five games where he played at least 10 minutes and never scored more than 6 points.

On paper, this will not be a significant loss for the team.  Though he would be a returning senior with a solid amount of experience, the fact that he only played 9.7% of minutes last season on a team that went 10-22 is telling.  It's also telling that 7 of the 17 games he played in this season were in the first eight games.  It is pretty clear that playing time would remain a serious concern and it seemed unlikely he would take the next step this offseason.

However, there will be impacts for the scholarship chart for Rutgers with Okoro's transfer.  With Okoro transferring and Junior Etou transferring earlier this week, Rutgers now not only had three open scholarships, but a severe lack of depth on the wing.  Getting a commitment from Jonathan Laurent will certainly help, but this could be a very inexperienced group next season for the Scarlet Knights.

It should be an interesting offseason for Rutgers this year and this latest transfer will only serve to give Eddie Jordan more challenges to address this year.