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The Official 2015 Big Ten - Big East Challenge Schedule

The schedule for the 2015 Big Ten - Big East Challenge.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time this fall, the Big Ten and Big East will face off in an annual "challenge" where the two conferences will face off in an exciting series of non-conference matchups.  Both the Big Ten and Big East were considered some of the best conferences in the nation last season and each had a strong showing in the 2015 NCAA Tournament including each conference landing one #1 seed with Wisconsin and Villanova.

On Thursday afternoon, the two conferences releases the official schedule for the event taking place next fall.  Some exciting games are set to take place in the event featuring a total of eight teams that participated in last year's NCAA Tournament and what could be the Big Ten preseason favorite, Maryland.

The full schedule is listed below:

2015 Big Ten/Big East Challenge

- 11/17
  • Georgetown at Maryland
  • DePaul at Penn State
  • Nebraska at Villanova
- 11/18
  • Illinois at Providence
- 11/19
  • Creighton at Indiana
  • Iowa at Marquette
  • Rutgers at St. John's
- 11/20
  • Xavier at Michigan
It should be an exciting event with both conferences having a chance to come out on top of a new and marquee non-conference event.