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2015 NCAA Tournament Sunday Schedule, Where To Watch, and Open Thread

The Elite Eight action continues on Sunday with two games that will turn a bunch of heads nationally.

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On Sunday, the Elite Eight games will continue in this year's NCAA Tournament and the final two bids to this year's Final Four in Indianapolis will be on the line.  There are just two games, but Michigan State will be playing and one of the most talented teams remaining in Duke will also tip-off.  They should be two great games.

BTPowerhouse is here to break down what teams are playing and where to watch. Also included is the schedule of all the games occurring on Sunday. Also, be sure to stick around in the comments section below and follow along on the Twitter feed over at @BTPowerhouse.

Sunday's Big Ten Game

- Michigan State

It will be a huge game for Michigan State, the program, and the Big Ten in general as the Big Ten has the chance to put two teams in the Final Four and lead all conferences.  Plus, if the Spartans can make the push to get to Indianapolis, they would only be two games away from a title.  Those would certainly be tough games, but crazier things have happened in college basketball.

You can check out the full schedule below.

Tourney Sunday Schedule:

Elite Eight Games
Sunday, March 29 (ET)
2:20 p.m. CBS Syracuse Louisville Cardinals vs. Michigan State Spartans Lundquist/Spanarkel/LaForce
5:05 p.m. TBS Houston Duke Blue Devils vs Gonzaga Bulldogs Nantz/Raftery/Hill/Wolfson