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Post-Round of 32 BTPowerhouse Bracket Contest Update

We take a look at the standings in the BTPowerhouse bracket contest following the Round of 32.

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The 2015 NCAA Tournament is in full swing and the Round of 32 action wrapped up on Sunday night.  The Big Ten is still well represented, but everybody is certainly wondering about their bracket, where things are shaking out, and how they are doing in the various bracket contests they joined.

Well, BTPowerhouse is doing a bracket contest this year and the early results have been interesting.  The BTPowerhouse staff is also competing and one of the fun things to follow will be to see whether the readers or the staff come out on top.  As such, here are your standings as of Saturday morning.

3/23 Bracket Contest Standings:

contest 3/23

Well, the race at the top is spreading out and the writers have started to drop.  Ben led the race last time and dropped back to 6th in these rankings.  Yours truly is still suffering near the back of the field, but I am hoping to make a run as most of my Final Four teams are still in play.

You can see the full standings here.