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Updated 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Check out the latest 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket.

With the Round of 64 action concluding on Friday night, there have been a lot of changes to this year's NCAA Tournament bracket.  A total of 5 Big Ten teams advanced to the Round of 32 and there is a solid chance that even more will advance to the Sweet Sixteen after this weekend's action.

To help assist in following the NCAA Tournament action, BTPowerhouse has put together an updated bracket where readers can take a look at all the 32 teams to advance on Thursday and Friday and who they will play on Saturday and Sunday.  There are a bunch of tough Big Ten matchups, but certainly winnable games for a good hunk of the teams.

With that, here is the updated 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket.

Updated 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket

3/21 later updated

Overall, all the #1 and #2 seeds advanced, but there were some major upsets to two Big 12 teams on Thursday, which shook up the field.  It will be interesting to see whether there are more this weekend.