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2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Get Your Printable Bracket Here To Follow Along

Check out this year's bracket and print your own copy.

The Big Ten Tournament will wrap up on Sunday night, meaning it's the most wonderful time of the year: March Madness.  Get ready for countless hours and incredible amounts of money to be dedicated to trying to figure out one thing for this time of the year: The Bracket.

The conference could send as many as 7 teams to the Big Dance and though it will be a lot of fun to follow the Big Ten teams on their quest for the National Championship, the best thing about March remains the incredible finishes, excitement, and upsets that come with the month.  It's the one time of the year when college basketball truly takes the national stage across the country.

Of course, one of the other great aspects of March are the contests all over the country trying to see who can create the best bracket for this year's tournament.  BTPowerhouse will be having its own contest (see here), but even just filling out a bracket in general can be a lot of fun.  To assist in this, we have attached the bracket to this post.  This way, as Selection Sunday unfolds, you can fill in the teams.

The bracket will be released on Sunday night (where to watch) and you can download a printable copy of it here.

You can get the printable PDF version of it HERE.