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Poll: Which Team Will Win The 2015 Big Ten Tournament?

BTPowerhouse takes a poll among readers to see who they believe will hoist the trophy in Chicago.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the 2015 Big Ten Tournament will officially kick off in Chicago.  It is an exciting time for the teams, media, and fans as a total of 13 games will be played among 14 teams in just 5 days that will have ramifications not only on the court, but also in the NCAA Tournament selection process and for several coaches looking to protect their jobs.

There will be a ton on the line this week, which will make for some outstanding play.  Plus, for several fanbases, this could be the last time they see their team play this season or a star player who is graduating or potentially leaving for the NBA.  Teams like Michigan, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, and Rutgers might fall into this category this year depending on how potential CBI and NIT bids shake out.  As such, there are plenty of reasons to be interested.

However, the big question heading into Chicago will be who will win the 2015 Big Ten Tournament.  The Wisconsin Badgers claimed the outright Big Ten regular season championship earlier this season, but as we have seen in each of the last two seasons, the #1 seed does not always win the conference tournament, no matter how stacked their roster might be that year.

So, let's have our readers take a shot at predicting the outcome of this week in Chicago.  Make sure to vote in the poll below and feel free to express your thoughts on why the will win in the comments below.