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Week 16: BTPowerhouse Big Ten Game of the Week: Wisconsin Badgers at Maryland Terrapins

Check out the top games for the Big Ten this week.

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Though the Big Ten title race is nearing its completion, there are still a bunch of great games this week and going forward as at least 3 to 5 teams around the conference are fighting for NCAA Tournament spots and even more look to either help their seeding or get into the NIT.  We are down to the home stretch of the regular season and some of the biggest games of the season will take place this week.  Let's take a look at the best games this week.

Game Of The Week:

Wisconsin at Maryland: This may have been the easiest selection since at least the non-conference schedule.  Not only is Wisconsin leading the conference race and in position to clinch the title on Tuesday, but Maryland is looking for "that" win that will stamp their entrance into the conference and assert that they are a real team that can be a factor in March.  This is easily the biggest home game of the season for the Terps and it's easy to see why.  Even the BTPowerhouse Power Rankings have this as #1 vs #2 matchup in the Big Ten.  This isn't a game where either team needs to win, but a win would be really important for both teams.  Wisconsin needs another big win or two to have a serious shot at a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and Maryland not only needs it to help build their resume, but they are also looking for seeding in March.  With a win, Maryland has to be at least in the discussion for a #2 seed, which would go a long way for the Terps and the Big Ten.

Honorable Mention:

Illinois at Iowa: When all is said and done, this could very well be the most important game of the week.  The Maryland and Wisconsin matchup is going to turn a lot of heads, but this is a crucial matchup for both Illinois and Iowa.  Both teams need another win for their NCAA resumes and Illinois in particular is currently right on the bubble.  If the Illini can go on the road and pick up a win over Iowa, they would have to feel a whole lot better about Selection Sunday.  The Hawkeyes look like a pretty safe bet at this point, but they don't want to repeat the slide they had last season and considering their inconsistency this year, they need to show they can beat a solid team at home.

Purdue at Ohio State: The Boilermakers have easily been the most pleasant surprise of the conference season and will look to keep their good play going in Columbus.  Ohio State will get Nebraska before they face Purdue, but the Buckeyes have dropped two games in a row and considering that they were favored on the road against Michigan, they need a solid win to help them back on the seed line.  On the other side, Purdue is currently projected in the vast majority of NCAA brackets, but they really need a big win to keep them on the right side of things.  This is a perfect opportunity on the road against a likely NCAA team.

Season Stats

Game of the Week Appearances By Team:
  • Maryland - 5
  • Wisconsin - 5
  • Iowa - 4
  • Michigan State - 4
  • Indiana - 3
  • Illinois - 1
  • Minnesota - 1
  • Ohio State - 1
  • Purdue - 1
Game of the Week Honorable Mention Appearances By Team:
  • Ohio State - 12
  • Indiana - 6
  • Iowa - 6
  • Maryland - 5
  • Michigan - 5
  • Illinois - 4
  • Michigan State - 4
  • Purdue - 4
  • Minnesota - 1
  • Nebraska - 1
  • Rutgers - 1
  • Wisconsin - 1
Total Appearances By Team:
  • Ohio State - 13
  • Iowa - 10
  • Maryland - 10
  • Indiana - 9
  • Michigan State - 8
  • Wisconsin - 6
  • Illinois - 5
  • Michigan - 5
  • Purdue - 5
  • Minnesota - 2
  • Nebraska - 1
  • Rutgers - 1