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We Are the Champions: Big Ten/ACC Challenge Twitter Deep Dive

The last time the ACC won the challenge with the Big Ten, Illinois was a Rose Bowl team and Barack Obama was just nominated by his party to run for president of the free world. And like any other instance when the Big Ten wins anything, the Twitter hate was permeable. Bring on the deep dive.

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If you contain it correctly, Twitter can be a wonderful tool for debate, conversation and oftentimes sarcastic comedy. But jump into a TweetDeck, search a sporting events official #hashtag and you dive into a rabbit hole without a ladder back up. It's quite the fickle beast.

On Wednesday night, after Peter Jok lit up Florida State -- locking up the 8-6 win over that eastern coastal conference -- I saw this tweet come across my screen:

So while I vehemently shook my head, I decided to type "Big Ten/ACC Challenge" into the Twitter search bar to see what other gems I could find -- and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. ACC melt downs, national Big Ten hate, Bucky fans rooting for Jarrod Uthoff and one timely pop culture reference... it's all there.

Here are the best of the best responses from another wonderful challenge win -- with a little commentary:


Not so fast...

/shoving my pencil in your face

I'll let BTPowerhouse's Editor-in-Chief take this one:

Gottttt heeeeem.

Keep up, Ben.

It's been eight years friend, it shouldn't be this difficult. I know the overwhelming hatred the nation has for the Big Ten is overwhelming outside of the heartland, but come on now. You act like we're the Pac 12.

When in doubt, blame Obama.

Yo, ESPN, let us live

Flash to Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg yelling about how Duke would beat every team in the Big Ten right now, so the challenge is really just a stupid gimmick.


Hoo, Hoo, Hoo-boy

Instead of #Pacquiaoing should it be #CREANING?

It really is... that offense... the talent...Yogi... boy was I wrong about these guys.

Woah, shots fired.




So much bitter.

Best of the night

Winner, winner chicken dinner.