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The Nebraska Cornhuskers Are Still Not The Best Team In The State

After getting demolished by the Creighton Bluejays, it is safe to assume that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are no longer the best basketball team in the state.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

On paper, the Nebraska Cornhuskers look a lot better than the Creighton Bluejays. The team has much more scoring and Nebraska looked like they were finally ready to reach their potential after coming close in tough games prior to this contest. Creighton looked pretty inefficient all season on both ends of the floor, but boy did they make Nebraska take a few steps back. This was a battle for the title of best basketball team in the state of Nebraska, with Creighton winning the past four contests, and this year it was the same story.

The Cornhuskers could not get much going on offense from their senior leader in Shavon Shields. The Bluejays locked him up on the offensive end, and held him to six points on 3-8 shooting and he also had five turnovers. Other than Andrew White III, who had 28 points, and Tai Webster. who added 15 points, the Cornhuskers could not get it going on either end of the floor. This game could have been huge for Nebraska and their program because they would have built some confidence after losing tight games to ranked opponents in prior games, but they really got exposed as a team.

Now Nebraska is 6-4, but they do not have one win so far that is noteworthy. Every opportunity they have had to win a big game, they have failed and this game against Creighton was supposed to finally be that 'nice' win for the Cornhuskers, but the team got dismantled by a pretty weak Creighton team. People might think it is time to acknowledge that the Cornhuskers are not very good as a team, but it is still early in the season and there have at least been a few bright spots.

At least Andrew White III is the best player in Nebraska

White has been phenomenal all season for the Cornhuskers, even after sitting a year out due to transfer rules. He followed up a 30 point game with a 28 point game against Creighton and his future in Nebraska is very bright, even though the team is not playing very well at the moment. White is one of the better wings in the Big Ten and he is great on the defensive end as well.

White has been a bright spot for the Cornhuskers. Also a positive is the freshmen for the team have been decent as well, even if they still cannot seem to get everything working at the same time. Their next game is against Rhode Island at home and this is almost a must-win game for the Cornhuskers as they need to convince themselves that they can be a good team. Their next game against Rhode Island should be a win for the Cornhuskers and this could be a time were the Cornhuskers' frontcourt could dominate. Hassan Martin is a great defender for Rhode Island, but he is undersized, and this is were Shields should be able to excel.

The Cornhuskers' frontcourt has still been bad, but they could start to find their groove against Rhode Island.


The Cornhuskers are not the best team in Nebraska and they have not been for the past five years, which might be a little surprising. The team needs to forget about this loss to Creighton and focus on Rhode Island to get back on track.