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10 Days to B1G Basketball: Big Ten Basketball Returns to BTN This Week

We're still ten days away from the actual season, but BTN will be airing 14 exhibition games on BTN2Go over the next week.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-16 season is less than two weeks away, but if you're feeling a bit anxious for some Big Ten basketball you can start watching games tonight when Indiana hosts Ottawa at 7 PM (EST). As we mentioned earlier in the week, it is now officially exhibition season and a number of Big Ten programs will be using these games as a way to test out newcomers and work on ironing out their rotation before the season officially tips off on the 13th.

Over the next week there will be 14 different exhibition games set to air through Monday. Unfortunately, though, these games won't air directly on BTN or even BTN's BTN2Go service, but rather BTN Plus. If you do subscribe to the service (which has both a conference and team option) you'll get a slate of games that should tide you over for the season. Also, while the games will stream live on BTN Plus, a number of the games will re-air after the fact on BTN throughout the following days.

Anyway, here's the schedule of live exhibition games set to air on BTN Plus over the next week:

Date Game Time
11/3 Indiana vs. Ottawa 7 P.M.
11/4 Michigan State vs. N. Michigan 7 P.M.
11/4 Wisconsin vs. Wisconsin-River Falls 8 P.M.
11/5 Northwestern vs. Quincy 8 P.M.
11/6 Minnesota vs. S.W. Minnesota 5 P.M.
11/6 Michigan vs. LE Moyne 7 P.M.
11/6 Maryland vs. Southern New Hampshire 7:30 P.M.
11/6 Iowa vs. Augustana 8 P.M.
11/8 Illinois vs. Illinois-Springfield 3 P.M.
11/8 Ohio State vs. Walsh 4 P.M.
11/8 Purdue vs. N.W. Ohio 5 P.M.
11/9 Michigan State vs. Ferris State 7 P.M.
11/9 Indiana vs. Bellarmine 7 P.M.
11/9 Nebraska vs. Northern State 8 P.M.