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Roundtable: 2015-16 All-Big Ten, Player of the Year, and Freshman of the Year Picks

The BTPowerhouse staff preview the top players in the Big Ten, picks for the All-Big Ten team, and the conference's top freshmen heading into this season.

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With the Big Ten regular season tipping off later tonight, there is a lot of excitement in the air about the conference and each respective Big Ten team. Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't time to get in a few last predictions about the Big Ten heading into the season.

As such, BTPowerhouse put together a roundtable with a few staff writers to talk about their opinions on how things would play out for the conference this season. Topics include the staff's picks for Big Ten Player of the Year, the All-Big Ten team, and Big Ten Freshman of the Year.


1. Who wins Player of the Year?

Thomas Beindit: I'm going with Melo Trimble. Honestly, I think Yogi Ferrell is right there with him, but Trimble should be the best player on the best team. Hard to pick against that.

Eric Laboissonniere: Melo Trimble.

Jerome Scherwin Jr.: I'm all in on Yogi.

Josh Stern: Caris LeVert. Shooting, passing, driving and defense. That boy can flat-out play.

Andrew Holmes: Yogi Ferrell.

Wola Odeniran: Denzel Valentine.

2. What is your All-Big Ten team?

Beindit: Yogi Ferrell, AJ Hammons, Nigel Hayes, Melo Trimble, Denzel Valentine.

Laboissonniere: Melo Trimble, Caris LeVert, Nigel Hayes, Denzel Valentine, and Yogi Ferrell.

Scherwin Jr.: Yogi Ferrell, Denzel Valentine, Nigel Hayes, Melo Trimble, Caris LeVert.

Stern: Melo Trimble, Caris LeVert, Nigel Hayes, Denzel Valentine, and Yogi Ferrell.

Holmes: Yogi Ferrell, Caris LeVert, Melo Trimble, Nigel Hayes and A.J. Hammons.

Odeniran: Melo Trimble, Yogi Ferrell, Denzel Valentine, A.J. Hammons and Diamond Stone.

3. Who wins Freshman of the Year?

Beindit: Right now, I'm picking Maryland's Diamond Stone, but by an even so slim margin. Stone has a fantastic game and should be a real difference-maker this season, but I'm worried he won't get enough touches on such a loaded Maryland team to actually win the award. My next pick would be Ohio State's JaQuan Lyle.

Laboissonniere: Deyonta Davis.

Scherwin Jr.: JaQuan Lyle.

Stern: Aaron Falzon.

Holmes: Diamond Stone, but dang it will be a close race.

Odeniran: Diamond Stone.


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