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2 Days to B1G Basketball: Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo is not a fan of Twitter

Say it ain't so coach, Tom Izzo admits during a recent interview that he's no fan of Twitter.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo is probably my favorite head coach in the conference, even if I typically have no interest in seeing my favorite team actually go up against his Spartans program. That being said, Izzo has earned a reputation for being straight forward with his opinions, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that Izzo was relatively blunt in a recent interview with Reid Forgrave from Fox Sports (which I highly recommend reading by the way).

While their interview tackled a number of topics, including retirement and Izzo's disdain for sad movies, Izzo didn't mince words when he started discussing his views on social media.

"Oh, and I despise Twitter. I compare it to getting drunk and I don’t drink. But it’s like getting drunk. Because it has its moments. You’re doing it, you’re happy, everything is cool. You’re more talkative. You’re more bold. Then you wake up in the morning, not feeling good, wondering what you did, who did you insult...That to me is our social media world," said Izzo.

Say it ain't so coach, but I'm pretty sure Izzo's distaste of social media may be the first opinion of his that I actually disagree with it, even if his analogy is technically correct and his viewpoint makes sense. While he offers an entirely fair opinion on the subject, it's hard to blame social media itself for the actions committed by the people using it, though a lot of people tend to take the platform social media gives them and make foolish decisions.

Izzo did however bring up a good point when it comes to social media and college athletes, with one of the bigger problems being how available it makes players to the fans. "What I can’t control is what they read. And it is (screwing) up kids. These idiots go back and write stuff that isn’t true, then it gets a life of its own and then you guys gotta ask them about it. It’s a problem," mentioned Izzo.

And he's right. Izzo is absolutely right. Look no further than when Ohio State fans belittled starting quarterback Cardale Jones for not playing "good enough" in games that his team were winning. Whenever a player makes a mistake he opens himself up to insults, threats and general mistreatment from a fan base that should respect and support the players of their favorite team. Instead we get fans that take advantage of every opportunity to throw these kids under the bus. The hate and threats can definitely cause issues for these kids, even if they don't admit to it. On the opposite side of things, endless praise can also go to players heads and cause problems, though that's a less problematic issue to have.

So while Izzo's opinion on social media most likely differs from most of yours, it should be noted that he's technically right. While platforms like Twitter can be a very powerful and uniting tool, many people take it for granted and get themselves into trouble as they don't think before broadcasting their opinion to the internet. That and college kids are still dealing with harassment thanks to some of the rotten apples that tweet at them, creating a situation where accessibility becomes problematic. Social media platforms like Twitter should be a good thing, yet time and time again people find a way to ruin it for others.

In summary, Izzo disdains Twitter. What do you guys think?