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Nebraska Cornhuskers: Three Point-Shooting Key To The Huskers' Success

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are going to need to shoot efficiently from deep this season or Tim Miles and company could be in for a long season.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have started their season so far with a bang by playing extremely well overseas and dominating early in their exhibition game. In last night's contest against Northern State, the Huskers came out on top 95-42, with the starting lineup showing some great signs. Andrew White III played terrific in his opening game for the Cornhuskers, and he seems to be the go-to scorer for the Cornhuskers, along with Shavon Shields. The thing that White adds is great three-point shooting, and three point shooting is something the Cornhuskers need to be successful.

They were not a very good three-point shooting team last year, they shot 28.4 percent from deep, which was last in the Big Ten. The team did not shoot well at all from deep last night, other than White who went 2-3 from deep, as they only hit on 4 of their 13 attempts from distance, which is a problem. Three-point shooting is what the Cornhuskers need to get better at and here are some options for who should be able to help the Cornhuskers become a better three-point shooting team.

Three-Point Shooters

White is going to help out the Nebraska's three-point shooting tremendously, and last night some other players showed that they can help out from deep. Jack McVeigh, the freshmen from Australia, came off the bench and showed that he is not afraid to pull the trigger from deep. He did seem a little nervous out there, but he did post 11 points, 11 rebounds, and went 1-3 from downtown. McVeigh could help out the team in small doses off the bench as a freshmen.

Point guard Glynn Watson Jr. (also a freshmen) can shoot from deep, but he did struggle last night in general from the field. Watson could not buy a basket, going 1 of 6 from the field and 0 of 1 from deep. Bakari Evelyn is another freshmen that could add some three-point shooting depth of the bench as a freshmen as well.


The Cornhuskers are going to need a lot of new players to step up this year from distance because if the Cornhuskers finish last in the Big Ten in back-to-back seasons for three-point shooting, the Huskers will not have a very good season at all. The Cornhuskers want to forget about last season as soon as possible and shooting better from deep is one way to do that.

With the addition of White, the Cornhuskers will have a lethal three-point shooter that will fill in just fine for Terran Petteway, who was the primary scorer and three-point shooter for the Huskers last year. Also watch for players like McVeigh, Evelyn, Tai Webster, and Benny Parker to add some three-point shots. Shields should probably stay away from shooting from distance, but if he starts hitting them more efficiently then the Huskers will be really hard to guard.

The Cornhuskers obviously have to make a lot of things work to be a good team in the Big Ten, but shooting better from deep should be top on their list. If they can't find a way to improve from outside it's going to be a very long season in Lincoln once again.