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40 Days to Big Ten Basketball: Are You Following Us On Social Media?

Be sure to follow BTP and our staff on social media before the season begins for all of your Big Ten basketball coverage.

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The college basketball season is just over a month away, with practices officially beginning earlier in the weekend, so as the season approaches you should make sure you're prepared to keep up to date with everything that's going on within the conference.

One of the best ways to keep up with the Big Ten this season? Big Ten Powerhouse, of course. Besides just heading to the website each day, you can follow our Twitter page and like us on Facebook for all of the latest updates as they happen. And if you utilize a RSS service such as Feedly, you can use our RSS feed (link below) to subscribe to our site and get every update in realtime. You can even copy the links to our FanShots page and get every post as they happen.

And to top everything off, you can get even more coverage and insight by following the individual staff members of BT Powerhouse on Twitter as well, with links to each staff member's account posted below as well.


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