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14 Days to B1G Basketball: Nik Stauskas Posts Creepy Basketball Related Hot Sauce Video

Nik Stauskas posts creepy video involving hot sauce and a basketball.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last season Nik Stauskas inadvertently picked up a new nickname thanks to the joy of closed captioning. It's always interesting to see some of the captions that appear for live programming and this past March Stauskas was, for some reason, referred to as Sauce Castillo in the captions. This was something fans of the NBA picked up on and eventually was posted on Sacramento's web site before also being reference by Stauskas himself:

Now what made this even more interesting is the fact that the former Wolverine is a huge fan of Chipotle, a restaurant where many patrons commonly add hot sauce to their food. With the Sauce nickname spreading like wildfire, Stauskas ran with it and even launched his own hot sauce with Musashi Foods, simply entitled Sauce Castillo:

So what do we have here? Well we have a former Michigan wing that was referred to as Sauce Castillo in the captions, loves Chipotle and launched his own hot sauce, which of course he loves to put on his Chipotle:

To no surprise this offseason we got even more Stauskas and hot sauce related material as the forward posted a video of himself pouring hot sauce on a basketball in truly creepy fashion. I'm not entirely sure what ingredients are in his sauce, but if they make fire shoot out of a basketball I think people should think twice about consuming Sauce Castillo after seeing this.