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2015-2016 Frontcourt Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Cornhuskers will count on on a variety of players in their frontcourt this season, and the team's frontcourt will not be very strong.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have some players in their backcourt and on the wings that are going to be big time players for the team next season, but the team is going to need the frontcourt to step up because as of right now, their froncourt is definitely their weakest link.

The Cornhuskers do have two new faces that are going to have a huge impact on the team in the frontcourt. The whole Nebraska team is rather young, especially the frontcourt because two of the starting frontcourt players will most likely be underclassmen. Hopefully, the frontcourt can mature quickly for coach Tim Miles and Co. because most of the froncourt players on the team this season have not seen the floor that much, if at all.

Ed Morrow Jr.- Freshmen

Ed Morrow Jr. is the big frontcourt recruit that coach Miles brought into Lincoln for this upcoming season. Although he has not played a game in a Cornhuskers' uniform, he will be expected to play big minutes for the team right from the start. He will primarily play power forward, but he is extremely athletic for a 6-foot-7 forward, so he might see some time at the center position because of his ability to protect the rim. Morrow is what Nebraska is looking for because they do not need him to score much, and he brings great energy on the floor.

Morrow is going to be a name that people should remember because he is going to affect every game in a big way because of his shot-blocking ability and energetic play style.

Jake Hammond - Sophomore

Jake Hammond is one of the more experience players in the frontcourt, but is still just a sophomore. He barley saw the floor last season, but that is going to change once this year starts. We have not seen much from Hammond so far in a Cornhuskers' uniform, so it is hard to tell how much he will have an impact on the team.

He is a big body at 6-foot-10 so he will help clean up on the glass for the team, and hopefully he will be able to show some of his low-post moves to take some pressure off the primary scorers for the team. We need to find out what Hammond is made of, and this season we will because he will be called upon to play most of the minutes at the center position.

Michael Jacobson - Freshman

Michael Jacobson is another freshmen that the team is going to rely on in the frontcourt. He can actually stretch the floor a little bit because of his ability to shoot from outside. Jacobson has intriguing upside on the offensive end, which is great news for the Cornhuskers for years to come. He has a decent mid-range game as well, and he is pretty quick in transition. Jacobson will have to help out the Cornhuskers right away next season.


There might be some other players that see some time in the frontcourt for the upcoming season, but Morrow, Hammond, and Jacobson will be the primary frontcourt players. The froncourt is not very strong for the Cornhuskers, but this group should have a bright future because they are so young.