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24 Days to B1G Basketball: Ranking Tom Izzo's Top Five Midnight Madness Entrances

Tom Izzo has set the bar high for his 2015 Midnight Madness entrance this weekend. Today we rank the top five entrances he's had over the years.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the year's best traditions is approaching this weekend, with the Spartans set to hold their Midnight Madness event on the 23rd this weekend. The event, which has became commonplace for a lot of marquee basketball programs, has became quite notable in East Lansing thanks to the antics of head coach Tom Izzo throughout the years. Everything from dressing as a hippy to dressing as a group of Spartans (300) and everything in between, each October it has become commonplace for Izzo to make headlines for his latest entrance. The question now is what will the coach have planned for in 2015?

With that being said, let's take a look at five of the top entrances Izzo has had throughout the Midnight Madness events hosted in East Lansing:

5. Biker Izzo

Ah, one of the older entrances by Izzo is simple and to the point...but a classic. And hey, at least he didn't wipe out like former Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith did when he was making his entrance at Texas Tech.

4. Indycar Tom Izzo

This might be a somewhat biased selection because I like Indycar, but still another solid entry. I have to admit it would have worked a bit better if it was Indiana or Purdue, though.

3. Hippy Izzo

Unfortunately there aren't as many embeddable images/videos of the year Izzo dressed up as a hippy, or else I would have included something with a better view (though I guess this works). Izzo was celebrating the Spartans national title in 1979 so he and his family came out dressed as hippies, complete with a retro 70s van.

2. Iron Man Izzo

The Avengers came out the summer before so I guess this entrance made a lot of sense. Unfortunately the entrance down the zip line was a stunt double, but seeing Izzo in a full Iron Man suit was worth it.

1. Kiss Izzo

I'm not sure what's better about Izzo's entrance last year, the fact that he dressed as a member of Kiss or how well he was able to pull it off. Either way, Izzo set the bar sky high for his 2015 entrance this weekend.