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BTPowerhouse Has T-Shirts!!! Get Yours Now!

BTPowerhouse finally has launched some awesome site T-shirts.

One of the great things about covering a conference like the Big Ten is all the support from readers and fans, but what is perhaps even better is the great basketball that gets showcased on the court every season. From start to finish, the Big Ten is right up there with every conference and puts a fantastic product on the court.

Well, Big Ten fans can finally brag about that epic play on the court thanks to BTPowerhouse's first line of site T-shirts.

Our friends at Gameday Depot helped set us up with some pretty awesome T-Shirts. Maybe I'm biased, but I personally think that these might be the best T-Shirts created since the original tuxedo T-Shirt. Can we get some 100 emojis please?

While viewing, make sure to remember you can purchase the T-Shirt designs here.

BTPowerhouse T-Shirts:

- Design #1

btp tshirt 1

- Design #2

btp tshirt 2

- Design #3

btp tshirt 4

- Design #4

btp tshirt 3


Really, really, really cool and we're thrilled to be involved with these as a site. Remember, that you can purchase any of the designs for these T-Shirts here. They make an awesome gift for friends, family, and heck, even your dog. In fact, I recommend buying one of these for everyone you know.

Purchase BTPowerhouse T-Shirts